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Siegfried Heintze provides an array of courseware development and instructional delivery services to improve productivity for the professional programmer.
Beyond simply providing information about commands and algorithms, Sieg's courseware and extensive labs deliver real-world implementation strategies: demonstrating when to use particular approaches, and why. This approach results in faster development of significantly better code when programmers return to their projects.
Siegfried Heintze offers superior time-to-market in developing new courseware for both training providers and end users. His trademark “Perils and Merits” approach integrates implementation strategy with every programming concept, ensuring that students develop real understanding of the material, not simply fill their heads with disconnected facts.
From the basics of efficient C++ programming, to optimizing Internet programming, to the latest technologies emerging from Microsoft, Sieg can apply his 20 years of expertise to the rapid development of the precise courseware needed to get your programmers productive, fast! . . . or he can customize existing courseware to your organization's current needs.

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Sieg has over 15 years of experience teaching programming in the classroom setting, in the United States and abroad. Whether delivering his own courses or those developed by others, he brings excitement to the classroom with his dynamic teaching flair and real-life stories and examples. His extroverted, humorous delivery style enlivens even the most tedious material and keeps students alert and engaged.

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In typical programming courses, a laundry list of commands and algorithms are taught in a non-integrated manner, without distinguishing situations where a particular command would be most appropriately used, or delineating common implementation mistakes or dangers of inefficient usage.
But Siegfried Heintze feels that the emphasis in programming education should be on how to be more productive. His trademark “Perils and Merits” approach to instruction and the integration of really practical hands-on lab exercises addresses this common shortcoming. Your programmers will return to work ready to apply their new knowledge appropriately and efficiently.

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Siegfried Heintze has taught custom courses for numerous corporate and governmental clients including Hewlett Packard, DEC, Goldman-Sachs, Hughes Aerospace, Autodesk, the Chicago Board of Trade, and American Express, and has worked collaboratively with well-known national training providers such as Hands On Technology Transfer (HOTT) and Clarity Learning.

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A recognized expert on C++ implementation strategies and Object Oriented Analysis and Design, Siegfried Heintze has published articles in Software Development, Journal of Object Oriented Programming, and The C Users Journal. Future plans include writing a textbook on Implementing Object Oriented Analysis and Design.

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Please contact Sieg to arrange for rapid, custom courseware development, or to inquire about his availability to deliver training to your organization.

Siegfried Heintze
(303) 884 8274
14846 SE 50th Street
Bellevue, WA 98006

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