“When you sign up for a programming course, the problem is that they teach you facts — not knowledge, not wisdom. My goal is to teach you wisdom as it relates to productivity.”
— Siegfried Heintze

In typical programming courses, a laundry list of commands and algorithms are taught in a non-integrated manner, without distinguishing situations where a particular command would be most appropriately used, or delineating common implementation mistakes or dangers of inefficient usage.
This “fact dumping“ approach can result in programmers returning to work and writing code that ends up being even slower and harder to use than it was before! Students returning from such courses lack the knowledge of how to appropriately and efficiently implement the newly learned information.
But Siegfried Heintze feels that the emphasis in programming education should be on how to be more productive. To accomplish this, his approach to both courseware development and instructional delivery incorporates:
  • “Perils and Merits” description for every command taught
  • Laboratory exercises to give programmers direct experience of both correct and incorrect implementation.
  • Real-world strategies and options for implementation
Ensure that your instructional dollars are being well spent: contract Siegfried Heintze to develop your courseware or teach your next programming course.

Please contact Sieg to arrange for rapid, custom courseware development, or to inquire about his availability to deliver training to your organization.

Siegfried Heintze
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