Siegfried offers superior time-to-market in developing new courseware for both training providers and end users. His trademark “Perils and Merits” approach to creating instructional materials integrates implementation strategy with each and every programming concept. This ensures that students develop real understanding of the material, not simply fill their heads with disconnected facts.
The extensive hands-on labs that accompany each course reinforce every concept by actively working through both correct and incorrect implementations, further developing the integrated understanding that ensures real productivity. These labs occupy up 50% of classroom time, and this high proportion of active involvement has proved very popular with students.
Courseware developed by Siegfried Heintze can be contracted to your organization for delivery by your trainers. Siegfried's courseware is modularly designed for this purpose and includes detailed instructor's manual and laboratory exercises. Or, depending on schedule, Sieg may be available to teach the course himself.
Optionally, Sieg's existing courseware can be quickly and expertly customized to match your organization's needs.

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From the basics of efficient C++ programming, to optimizing Internet programming, to the latest technologies emerging from Microsoft, Sieg can apply his 20 years of expertise to the rapid development of the exact programming courseware to get your programmers productive, fast.

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