Siegfried Heintze is a Software Engineer involved in research, software development and training. He consults and writes in many areas of Software Engineering and specializes in Object-Oriented Analysis, Design and Programming. He has developed and taught courses on these subjects in Japan, Europe, Canada and the United States. He has contributed articles for C++ User's Journal, Software Development, and Journal of Object-Oriented Programming (JOOP).

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Professional Background

Summary Software analysis, design, implementation, training and support with Windows, Linux and QNX using C# Java, C/C++ & C#, Visual Basic.

  • Java since 1997
  • C#/VB.NET since 2001
  • C/C++ for commercial, embedded and real-time applications since 1987
  • MFC/COM since 1995.
  • Web Development and Databases since 1997

C# Silverlight and Perl Microsoft Global Networking Services. February 2010 to late September 2011 Microsoft employs legions of Network engineers to maintain their large datacenters for properties like MSN and Hotmail and manage their Business On-Line Services (BOS) for large customers like Coca-Cola and prominent Airlines. I assisted network engineers by automating the configuration of Cisco, F5 and Juniper switches, routers and load balancers using SNMP and Perl on FreeBSD. I used Silverlight/C# on Windows to implement change management. I Implement multithreaded C# services to bridge Perl clients with existing back-end services. Use Java7 NIO to implement custom tools to enhance developer productivity.

C++ and IIS Expedia. August 2010 to January 2011 Expedia main public web site produces mail of dollars of revenue. I developed enhancements to http://www.expedia.com using C++ and Javascript and some custom tools written in python and groovy. Projects included an administrative interface to allow Expedia employees to manipulate customer bonus points.

LINQ and ASP.NET, Microsoft Retail. May 2010 to June 2010 Microsoft had decided to enter the retail business and compete with Best Buy for selling products and services retail. I developed windows applications using WPF/C# to facilitate the diagnoses and automation of operating system upgrades to be performed by the retail staff at these new Microsoft retail stores.

Java, Spring, Oracle, Amazon Associates. August 2009 to May 2010 The Associates team at Amazon maintains the database back ends of many of the Amazon web sites that supports their various associates programs including the Microsoft/Bing cash back for consumer purchases found using Bing.com on Endless.com.
I maintained many of their internal programs and implemented part of the Associate's Cash Back Services and, of course, complied with their rigorous quality assurance procedures for customer facing production code.

XML/XSLT (Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), WPF/XAML), Image Processing & Optimization with C#/C++/GDI+, Internationalization/Localization with Unicode, Strong ARM, Microsoft Hardware. July 2008 to February 2009 Microsoft Hardware designs and implements keyboards, mice, video cameras for use with their operating systems. Traditionally, they have manufactured separate keyboards for each language. I investigated and helped prototype the hardware for a universal keyboard that could replace all the existing language specific keyboards. Initially a purely software prototype was implemented as a web page using Mozilla/Firefox/Javascript SVG for English, Japanese, Chinese and French which was translated into WPF/XAML/C#/DirectX and C++ for execution with custom hardware (Strong ARM).

Maintain and Enhance iPlatform for Microsoft's Monitoring Services Group. February 2008 to July 2008 Maintained large WEB based product called iPlatform for Microsoft's Monitoring and Services Group (MSG) with TSQL scripts and stored procedures, C#, Windows Installer (WiX), C++, VB, IIS, ADSI/WMI and AJAX.

Refactor, Optimize and Port C++, COM, C# for Linux for Envysion. November 2007 to December 2007 Reverse engineer propietary (Micros brand) point-of-sales database to synchronize video capture with purchases stored in IAnywhere/Sybase database using Java, Spring, Hibernate, C++ Linux and SQL.

Refactor, Optimize and Port C++, COM, C# for Polycom. March 2007 to October 2007 Use design patterns to develop and refactor teleconferencing software using C#, C++ and COM for Windows and Linux. Research and implement high performance network socket I/O.

Open Cable Application Platform (OCAP) Testing and Development for Vidiom. August 2006 to December 2006 Develop Java Xlets (similar to Java Applets for an embedded TV set cable box environment) using Personal Java (PJava) and J2ME Personal Basis Profile (PBP) to test Vidiom's implementation of OCAP. Employ Emma for coverage analysis, Perforce for version control and Eclipse for editing and remote debugging.

Manipulate XML with XPath for Custom Installer for LifePics. October 2006 Use Spring and standard Java XML/XPath APIs develop AWT Applet to load and manipulate XML files to configure large commercial digital photograph printers according to the printer operator's selection of options in the user interface.

Develop Embedded NAS/SAN Storage Controller Firmware with C++ Linux, Solaris & QNX for Pillar Data Systems. November 2005 to May 2006 Develop firmware for embedded 486 CPU on Linux to implement a configuration manager for NAS/SAN storage controller running QNX. Deploy firmware with QNX cross compiler running on Solaris.

Vehicular Fleet Management for Walking Orbit. November 2005 to Present Develop procedures for Agile programming using VNC and openvpn. Develop servlet software using Java/Hibernate/Spring MVC, Eclipse and CVS in a distributed agile environment.

Develop DVD Movie Clip Editor and accompanying Power Point Resident DVD Player using C#, VB.NET & C++ for SermonClips.com. January 2004 to August 2005 Develop an ActiveX Control in C++ that uses Direct Show so Power Point presentations may play selected clips from DVDs. Develop an accompanying Clip Editor in Managed C++/C# and VB.NET that allows the user to select clips from the movie and automatically configure the Power Point resident ActiveX controls to play selected clips and display graphics.

Develop Web Bot/Screen Scraper for Collecting Marketing Research Data. May 2005 to November Use Multi-threaded Perl, WxWindows and MySQL to compile data on hiring practices of prospective consulting customers for Mu Logix by scraping sites like http://www.hotjobs.com.

Develop Legal Services Web Site in C#, Perl, Javascript and C++ for ConvexCorporation.com. December 2002 to June 2005 Use Perl and C# simulate mock trials and juries. This elaborate site (still in beta) helps legal professionals decide to press charges, litigate or go to trial. Use browser resident Javascript to simulate a highly interactive desktop style application and call C# web service to call proprietary server resident algorithms written in C/C++ and FORTRAN. Use C++/COM to interrogate database for type information to facilitate the implementation of code generators that emit perl code.

Self-employed Consultant, Writer, Course Developer and Instructor. June 1991 to 2005. Develop and deliver many five day courses in Object-Oriented Analysis & Design, C# and ASP.NET, Java, C++, Advanced C++, MFC Windows Programming, Win32 System Programming, DCOM & ATL, Advanced COM, COM+/MTS, OLE/ActiveX and OLE DB. Wrote feature articles for Software Development, Journal of Object Oriented Programming (JOOP), and C/C++ User's Journal. Customers include Lockheed Martin, NASA, HP, Compaq, Knolls Atomic Energy Labs, Union Switch and Signal, Burlington Northern Santa Fe, US Army, Goldman Sachs, Leeman Brothers, Nortel and Nokia among many others.

Use ASP.NET XML Web Services to Facilitate E-Commerce. October to November 2004 Assist Delph International in exposing legacy VB6 code via ASP.NET XML Web Services.

Develop in C# for Work Options Group. February-March 2003 Use C#, WinForms, XML WebServices, ASP.NET and SQL Server stored procedures in development of a enterprise wide client/employee/benefits system.

Course Development for SIGNITEK. January 2002 to Present Develop 5 day training presentations on VB.NET and C#.NET programming with WinForms and ASP.NET.

Consult, Develop and Deliver Courseware for Walmart, Inc. August-October 2001 Develop and deliver 10 days of courseware for client and server side Javascript/ASP.NET, SQL Server/ADO/ADO.NET, XML/XSLT, Microsoft Message Queue and COM+, ASP.NET/C#/VB.NET. In addition to the course development and delivery, the consulting included applying security features of ASP and ASP.NET to a prototype web site.

Develop Java XML course for Batky-Howell Inc. June 2000. Work on 5 day course using Sun's and Apache's SAX and DOM parsers for XML and Java.

Project Architect and Trainer for Nokia Mobile Phones. May-1999 to Nov-1999. Analysis, design and development using Rational Rose, SQL Server, Oracle Database, Microsoft Access, Visual C++ (ActiveX Controls), Visual Interdev (RDS, ADO and ASP), Javascript and Java (JDBC & Servlets). Mentored a team environment including guidance in the analysis, design and implementation processes, programming assignments to Nokia test engineers, researching appropriate technology for interaction between BEA Tuxedo on Unix with COM applications on Win32. Click here for more details.

Software/Hardware Engineer, StorageTek. September 1994 to December 1994. Design and implement C++ classes to interface asynchronously with hardware for testing tape drive components.

Software Engineer, Digital Equipment Corporation. August 1983 to June 1991.

Fault Management Customer Systems Support Engineering (CSSE).

  • Advanced development for expert system fault manager.
  • Development and maintenance of VAXsimPLUS Fault Management Software.
  • Designed and implemented STAMP (Storage Availability Monitor Program) in Ada, a package to measure availability and reliability of storage devices.
  • Liaison between the field, customers and engineering for VAXsimPLUS fault management software.
Customer Support Center

  • Remote problem diagnosis, crash dump analysis and formulation of related policies.
  • Supervised and developed training programs for other specialists through individual programs and group seminars.

Languages, Libraries & OS

C#, VB.NET, Java (AWT, Swing, Servlets & JDBC), J2EE (RMI, JSP, EJB, Servlets), XML with both Java and COM, (SAX & DOM), Javascript, Linux, ASP, PHP, C/C++, Ada, VAX/VMS, Solaris, FORTRAN, Win32


  • University of Colorado, July 1994, MSEE in Digital Signal Processing.
  • Eastern Washington University, June 1983, BSCS
  • University of Washington, 1981, BS

Sun Java Programmer

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